This is a large dry point etching of an Australian Barn Owl. 


It is an original print inked up by hand and pulled through my printing press on Hahnemulhe cotton rag paper.



Image Size - 39.5 x 29.5 cm

Paper Size - 61.5 x 53 cm

Edition Size - 20


Barn Owl, Dry Point Etching

  • A dry point etching is a print made from a plate (often copper, but can also be acetate, zinc, aluminium etc) that has been directly scratched into with a sharp point. The plate is then inked up by rubbing thick ink all over the plate. The excess ink is wiped away leaving the ink only in the scratched lines. The plate is then placed onto a press bed with dampened paper on top and felt blankets to cusion the work. It is all pulled through pressured rollers and the ink is transfered from the plate onto the paper. For each subsequent print the inking up process has to be repeated.

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