Wednesday, July 2, 2014

While the Wolf Sleeps

I don't really understand how little work I achieved before Wolfie was born! Now as soon as he falls asleep I run to the studio and get cutting lino, rolling ink, ripping down paper. I've been very productive, not many showers, but lots of lino prints. Lino is good at the moment because I can get lots done in the short bursts of time Wolfie gives me, whereas etching is a bit more time consuming. I look forward to getting back to etching one day soon, but in the mean time I'm enjoying making these.
Forest Fox, four colour reduction lino print

Fox In The Woods, three colour reduction lino print

He Loved To Dress Up As His Favourite Greek Hero, three colour reduction lino print

All my new lino prints are available in my online shop

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome Wolfie

On 6th Feb at 3.55pm I gave birth to my little boy (or rather quite big boy at 8lb9) by emergency caesarean due to an undiagnosed breach position after five hours of induced labour.  He gave us a day full of surprises and steering very far from plan. Biggest surprise of all that he turned out a boy even after we got told, to the best of the ultra sound guys ability, he thought it was a girl!

So here is Frederick Francis Wolfgang Meaden who I like to call 'Wolfie.'

We're now going through all his clothes and sifting out the dresses and very pink items. Trying to rest up, sleep when we can and basically trying and stop looking at him long enough to get a few meals in and messages sent.

It's all rather wonderful.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Jewellery and a Competition!

I have three weeks to go until my due date, I am enormous but excited. To share this looming newness I am having a competition on my facebook page . I'm asking for ideas for a new design, what animal would you like to see me make into a new brooch or necklace? To enter simply go to my facebook page, find the post with the same image as you see below and comment. (Don't comment here on the blog!) Draw will be announced on St. Bridget's day! (1st Feb) If baby decides to make an appearance early the draw will be postponed, but I'll keep you informed via facebook page.
Find this post on my facebook page LINK HERE and comment to enter to win either a Hare or Fox brooch!

I've been busy around Christmas time trying to get my new ranges of jewellery out. I'm calling them the Forest Fox and Magic Moon Hare collections. I think I over worked before Christmas with lots of markets. I just tired myself out but it was all worth it. I'm having a break from markets now until baby is born and a wee while after, I guess I'll just see how I go. I do miss my markets though! You never know I might just get Jeremy to sit the markets for me, he's nervous about doing them, but I know he'll be fine!

Here are a few pieces from my new collections.

Running Fox Brooch $28

Fox Face Brooch $28

Ivy Leaf Stud Earrings $15

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update and Linocuts

Facebook has taken over for me. The ease of taking photos on my phone and uploading them without having to turn on my computer (find my computer, find the charger and try once again to get the annoying internet to work!) but I thought I'd better get going with this good old blog again.

So a little update as to where I am, in case you don't follow me on facebook.

* I am now nearly 6 months pregnant!
* We're about to move house, although we don't know to where yet. Still in the Daylesford/ Hepburn Springs area. But I'll have to vacate my studio which saddens me. Hopefully I'll still be able to get a certain amount of work done with a baby and hopefully the new place will have enough space for me to do this.
* Poor old Eddie (our dog) is about to have an operation tomorrow as his ligaments in his knees keep going. He'll have one op tomorrow then the other knee will be done later in the year.
* I opened my own online shop!

I've started making lots of linocuts. I'm trying to think of easier and quicker work to keep me going once I have a wee bub. I definitely still want to make my etchings, but these linocuts will be a bit cheaper to sell at market and online so hopefully keep me busy. Here are a few below and links where available to their listing in my online shop.

Thank you for popping back after my very long blogging absence! I shall try and do better!

Night Rabbit in dark blue.

Sleeping Ginger

Sleepy Fox
Night Cat in Dark Blue

Ringtail Possum

The Night Hare in blue

I was asked if there was any reason why a lot of my new work was circular with animals curled up inside. I thought about it for a little while and wondered if it had anything to do with being pregnant. It's a lovely thought!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Four Finches

Here are a few of my recent finch etchings. I have an exhibition in October/ November so I'm working hard getting a collection together.

Three Finches by Bridget Farmer
Three Finches

Etching by Bridget Farmer
Finch V

All images copyright of Bridget Farmer